Pass Kidney Stones with a Home Remedy: You Will Most Likely Be Blown Away! True or Not?

Published: 24th May 2010
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I have always heard how painful kidney stones were. All I can say is that is was a pleasant experience for me and a friend of mine. Discover the secret that may save you lots of pain.

A couple of years back I had been told I had a kidney stone (I have an MRI and an x-ray to prove it). My urologist at the time told me " I have to laser it to destroy it". Of course, being who I am I was not about to permitted this doctor to take a laser to me, so I told him I would prefer to seek out a home remedy to pass kidney stones. This arrogant doctor, to put it accurately laughed at me and said to try whatever I wanted to try. Then once I did whatever I was going to try, he then wanted me to take another x-ray to see if it was gone". I said to him, fair enough!

When i left his office I went to my Chiropractors office and told him I had a kidney stone, and this is what he said to me. "I may actually know of a home remedy which may do away with your kidney stone. I've told this to twenty people and that eighteen of them reported back to me that their kidney stones were gone in a single day." Needless to say I managed to get excited!

"Now execute this at your own risk. I am not a doctor and I'm not supplying you with medical advice. I am not diagnosing nor am I prescribing any cure all. I am simply relaying what my Chiropractor suggested to me, and I am simply relaying to you the outcome that I had from his bit of advice".

My chiropractor suggested to me to, "purchase a six-pack of original Coca Cola in cans. Then one morning after waking up, on an empty stomach, drink all six cans in a two-hour period". He said "to make certain I purchase the original coke recipe in cans". So on my way home I stopped at the store and bought a six-pack. I had not drank a coke in 30 years, but I did what he suggested and my kidney stone was gone. (I have an x-ray to prove it), and the two other people I told this to had the exact same results.

In fact, one of my friends called me, amazed! He had problems with his urinary tract for years after a prostate biopsy. He suffered with kidney stones too. Well, while on his 4th coke, his kidney stone dissolved and passed with no discomfort. Just to make sure he said he drank all six cans. He could hardly believe he was able to pass kidney stones so incredibly easily. He was so psyched that he had to call me right away. Now that is a pretty awesome Healthy Living Tip.

After a couple of months I talked with him again and he informed me that all of the problems he had after his biopsy was gone too. He said he felt better than he had felt in years. How is that for a good story?

Well, about 30 days after I saw the doctor I went back to my urologist with a brand new x-ray in hand and he would not believe it. In fact, he made me get a second x-ray just to make certain. So to oblige this arrogant doctor, I had a second x-ray taken. When I returned, what do you think he said? "Whatever you did worked"! Do you think he asked me what my home remedy was? Nope! He could care less! He only makes money if he lasers people, but it sure was fun to get the last laugh from this guy! I never wanted to see him again after that. It is a shame he could not to pass along this Healthy Living Tip on to his other patients.

Later on I was visiting with a good friend of mine, who was also a Chiropractor living in another state from where I lived, and he told me the reason drinking a six-pack of original recipe coke in two hours on an empty stomach dissolved my kidney stone was a direct result of the high phosphorus content in the coke.

I had always heard how painful it is to pass kidney stones. To be honest, I never noticed one thing, and my buddy was simply to stunned and thrilled to even tell me if he experienced any pain.

We only have one body, unfortunately a large number of people don't pay attention to their bodies until later in life when they get older and they suffer from weight problems, or various illnesses that may well have been avoided.

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